Home Cleaning Company Tips

These days, more and more people hire home cleaning companies. There are a lot of advantages in doing that. The prices are decent, the people doing this job are most of them very experienced and do the job better and very fast and most of the time they do this during business hours so that when you come home everything is done.

Next we provide a number of tips of how to research and choose a company providing home cleaning services. You just have to be careful to pick the right company. It is not difficult, you just have to follow a couple of steps.

Do some research
Don’t commit for the first company you find in your local business directory. Do some research as there are probably dozens of companies servicing your area. Look at the prices, look at the way they present themselves and usually it is best to call their headquarters and discuss with somebody in person about how the process is organized (booking, prices, etc).

Various criteria
When you are looking for a cleaning company, you have to look at a couple of things:

  1. Full time versus part time – if you are looking for a long term business relationship, go for companies hiring only full time personnel. They will provide a replacement when somebody from the regular cleaning crew is sick, or on vacation
  2. Insurance – the cleaning crew must be fully insured. Usually nothing gets damaged in the process because the personnel is very experienced and well trained, however you never know.
  3. Crew size – depends on the size of the house cleaned. For normal houses I suggest you go for two people crew. More might be better because usually this will cut the cleaning time. It is better though to have at least two people
  4. Equipment – never hire a company where the policy is to use your vacuum cleaner or cleaning products, even if discount is extremely appealing. There are multiple reasons, first you are not a cleaning expert and you don’t know what cleaning products (chemicals) to purchase, then you probably have a $200 vacuum cleaner while a professional usually operates a professional grade one that costs in excess of $1000
  5. Transport – good companies give their personnel a company car to drive between jobs. See if the company you are about to choose have this policy

I left this criteria separate from the others. It is a very important one, the price must be something you can afford. When you consider the price, though, you must consider it as part of all selection criteria and you must make sure you compare apples for apples. The best example – it is much better to pay $75 per your for a two persons cleaning crew who says they will finish your house in one hour, rather than paying $20 / hour one person who estimates 5 hours of work for the same area, just do the math.

Last comments
It should not be difficult to select a professional home cleaning company. Just consider all the criteria mentioned above and any other you consider important, make sure they come with referrals. Finally search the internet for reviews. Then make your choice and then relax and let them help you with one of the most time consuming activities and enjoy the time saved.