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Solar Installations in Maryland Solar energy is one of the cleanest and comes freely to us. Once you install solar panels you will not think of bills anymore. Solar energy can light your home. Cooking and heating of water are also possible with solar power. Clean energy is being advocated for by the Maryland Energy Administration; homeowners are being issued with grants that go to the solar and geothermal energy systems installations. The Administration offers grants to homeowners who want to get solar photovoltaic systems and solar water heating among other clean energy like geothermal heating and cooling. Grant for clean energy is only given to those who send the application to the MEA before a year elapses after installation. To learn more about the clean energy grants you need to read the Maryland Energy Administration manuals and booklets.
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For you to qualify for clean energy grants you must be the primary owner of your residence. And your solar installation project must meet the required installation size, where the solar photovoltaic must be within the range of one to twenty kilowatts. about your solar water heating system you should make it be in the size that does not go below ten feet and not above hundred feet. Your residence must be free of conflict regarding ownership.
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Multiple projects one land are taken to be one project by the MEA. One property may not get more than one clean energy grant per every financial year. The information you provide during the application process for a clean energy grant requires that you give details of the solar installer Maryland, property, and the system. Through an electronic mean you are required to submit the photographs showing the components of the installed clean energy system. The place where you have mounted the solar system must be clearly shown in the photographs you send to MEA. Everything must be visible in the photo about the whole solar power system. You must also indicate you’ve paid everything about the system installation. By producing or sending invoices with zero balances, you would increase your high chance of getting the clean energy grants. A sticker that shows final inspection together with inspection and permits from the local authorities would be required by the MEA. A proof to show that the applicant is the primary owner of the residence with solar systems installation would be required too. Copy of driver’s license, MVA change of address among other documents could be used to proof you are a resident of a certain home. By reading the eligibility compliance and signing it or approving it you could then get a green light to getting the clean energy grant.